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24-25th November 2023

This challenging course on airway management is supported by EAMS (European Airway Management Society) and teaches a proven approach that emphasizes crucial elements of airway management and the innovative SALAD (Suction Assisted Laryngos Airway Decontamination) Technique, developed by Dr. James DuCanto, scientific director of IntubatiEM. With a lively and interactive learning setting, Big Salad seminars focus on thorough airway evaluations, decision-making processes, and the human aspects needed to effectively manage all airway situations with utmost safety, including critically ill patients. Sessions are conducted in small groups, featuring medical scenarios and simulations that provide valuable, hands-on experience with trusted airway devices and specially designed mannequins – a crucial factor in effectively managing complications such as severe bleeding and vomiting. Our exceptional international faculty consists of highly respected, passionate experts who will continue to drive the success of Big Salad.

resus iem CRUISE

resus iem cruise

From 6th to 13th of January 2024

Come aboard our cruise!
Set sail from Miami and immerse yourself in a long conversation about:

ECLS extension

Experience a 8-day cruise while learning about major emergency topics.


cadaver lab

Trauma and Airway procedures on cadavers

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